Day Ticket and Match Rules

Marsh Farm Day Ticket and Match Rules

Please read carefully

Day Ticket Rules

Prior to purchasing a day ticket please check the notice boards in the main car park to see what Lakes / pegs are available to fish. All matches and reserved  coaching pegs will be listed here. If you are unsure ask in the on-site Apollo Angling Centre shop.

  1. Day tickets are available all year other than Christmas Day from the on-site shop.
  2. Opening time of the site access gate is 7:30am, closing times are 1st April to 30th September 8.30pm, 1st October to 31st March 5.00pm. The fishery is locked outside Day Ticket times so you must leave by closing time to avoid being locked in.
  3. Day tickets must be purchased from the shop prior to going on to the waters. If you arrive early and the shop is not open do not take any tackle on to the water until the shop opens and you have purchased a day ticket. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  4. There are tenants on the site who have entry keys. Do not block or obstruct any gates or roadways.
  5. An adult must accompany all juniors under the age of 10 at all times.
  6. Day ticket parking is permitted only in the car park.
  7. No tackling up in the car park - beware of overhead cables.
  8. Registered Disabled Anglers displaying a valid Blue Parking Permit may drive around the lake but must not drive on the grass. You may unload your tackle and take it to your swim then return to your car and park in the nearest parking bay. Do not block the road.
  9. No keepnets to be used other than in authorised competitions.
  10. Landing net heads will be provided for all visiting anglers by the on-site shop against a refundable cash deposit of £10 if your landing net (which needs to be examined in the shop at the time of purchasing your Day Ticket) is not deemed to be bone dry. Bringing your own dry net will mean that you can fish on until the normal lake closing time. If you are using one from the shop you will need to leave by 5.00 pm when the shop shuts to be able to obtain your deposit refund. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  11. Fishing is from numbered swims only.
  12. Lake closures for competitions and coaching sessions are clearly marked on the notice board and on the Marsh Farm website.
  13. A maximum of two rods may be used by seniors and one rod for juniors (under 16 years of age).
  14. All anglers must be in possession of a valid EA Rod Licence.
  15. No Tins allowed on the bank.
  16. No Nut baits, Bloodworm or Joker.
  17. All hooks larger than 14 to be Barbless but hooks 14 or smaller may be micro barbed.
  18. No litter. Please take your litter home.
  19. No cooking or heating of beverages. No alcohol. No radios.
  20. No dogs allowed, unless guide dogs.
  21. Transferring of fish from one lake to another is strictly forbidden; any offenders may be prosecuted by the Environment Agency.
  22. Please respect the fish, waters and grounds at all times during your visit.
  23. Godalming Angling Society reserves the right to refuse entry to the site.
  24. All rigs must be free-running. No fixed or semi-fixed rigs permitted (if in doubt check at the onsite shop).

Match rules 

  1. Marsh Farm matches are "Two net matches" One net is for fish up to 1 lb and the second net is for all fish estimated over 1 lb. Maximum weight per net is 40lb. Two nets and a landing net head per angler will be provided by the Godalming club. No one will be allowed to use their own nets. At the end of the match please hang up your nets to dry in the net barn before leaving. This is to protect our waters and your future fishing. Please help us to achieve this goal. Thank you.
  2. Pegging will normally be on consequtive pegs. However, if you wish to leave gaps between anglers you can book a full or half lake (See Booking a match info for prices).
  3. All fees to be paid at the shop on arrival.
  4. Disabled anglers with a valid permit may drive to their peg drop off gear then park in the nearest parking bay. All other anglers should park in one of the car parks provided and walk to their peg.
  5. Maximum duration of matches to be 6 hours.
  6. As with Angling Trust rules only one rod to be used during matches although others may be set up.
  7. No fixed lead rigs to be used, method feeders are allowed but must be the free running version. If you are nor sure check at the on site shop.
  8. Hooks up to size 14 may be microbarbed, hooks above 14s should be barbless.
  9. Fishing from numbered swims only.
  10. No tins on the bank please empty tinned baits into a plastic container.
  11. Please do not discard unused bait in the lake at the end of a match. Use on of the containers provided
  12. Any non Godalming member staying on to fish after the match or leaving during the match to fish another part of the complex must buy a Day Ticket.
  13. Please use the toilet facilities provided on site and respect the fish, wildlife, and grounds at all time during your visit.
  14. Match organisers please leave a copy of the result so it can be added to the website match reports. The onsite shop will hold result forms if required.
  15. Most of all - enjoy your visit.